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Carla Sridevi Cohen

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I am excited when I think about the miracles I have witnessed within myself and those around me since I added Young Living to my life.

My work is about helping people to embrace their highest calling. I combine bodywork with personal coaching and communication skills to help people create the life they truly desire.

I got involved with Young Living products when I was learning how to do Raindrop technique. Raindrop is based on a Lakoda Sue Indian ritual for bringing energy into the body. The treatment helps people with back problems,emotional issues and all sort of things. Anyway,during the class, I received a Raindrop treatment. Afterwards, I noticed that I was moving through my life even easier. The vibration of the oils,combined with bodywork, had somehow eliminated my resistance to doing certain tasks. The change that happened was subtle and yet very powerful.

When the Raindrop class was over, I immediately signed up as a Distributor. As I began to trust the company and the oils, I decided that if I was going to be selling the nutritional products, I should try them. My husband, Steven, and I decided to do the Rejuvenate cleanse. As a result of the cleanse, we have both lost over 30 pounds. Around that same time, we started using the skincare products. We also drank our NingXia Red juice daily. I have received numerous compliments on my skin. My husband had to get new glasses because his vision improved.All these gifts came because we were willing to step outside our comfort zone. Fritz Pearls once said,"Loose your mind and come to your senses." Maybe he meant "scent-ez"!

It is a joy to share these products with everyone. Wishing you prosperity, good health, wealth and the time to enjoy it all.